a hoo hah house mission statement

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The ABC’s of Hoo Hah House

A is for accessibility. We aim to bring our stories to audiences that wouldn’t initially choose theatre as a leisure adventure. We want to tell the stories of those less represented, or understood, in an eco-friendly, zero-waste manner, through live events and digital means. Equal opportunities are our daily bread. Yum!

In the near future, we are aiming to create hubs and communities for individuals to connect and share their stories. BRAVE FACE is already becoming a safe place enriched by future collaborations with companies that follow our ethos and stand by sexual assault survivors. 

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B is for bravery. We aim to tell the stories without a chaser. We like our narratives straight up. We pride ourselves in being fearless going “there”. Yes, there. You know where. Scary places: we want you. But we will make you laugh as well because we are humans who use humor to deal with uncomfortable feelings, and life’s a funny thing we’re all coincidentally here to share.

C is for creativity. We have hairy legs, a growing sense of broodiness whenever a baby or dog passes gives us those eyes, and the ability to write a 3 minute insta-musical that combines those two relatable themes. Anything can spark creativity. We encourage collaboration with exciting artists who dare to believe in themselves and be part of an inclusive team.

We are Hoo Hah House, the house of Hoo Hah, where the dreams become reality and reality becomes what you make of it.